About Us

The IPSO Alliance is a global forum comprising a diverse international membership focused on enabling IoT devices to communicate, understand and trust each other with global interoperability based on open standards. IPSO Alliance membership is open to all organizations supporting an IP-based approach to connecting smart objects and interested in defining the future of the Internet of Things.

We are embarking in to a new era of technology where devices, things, and objects get smart and connected from the smallest of sensors to fully autonomous intelligent machines. When you ponder how this transformation is going to change all aspects of our life it can seem scary, but in reality, these are very exciting times to create new collaborations, solutions, and businesses. As industry leaders, we must work together towards a consensus perspective on the formats of the data that gets generated or received by these Smart Objects. In fact, this data or analytical data that forms valuable information becomes an independent and self-aware Smart Object in itself. Various forms of Smart Objects will become extremely complicated with a large variety of characteristics and attributes.

There is a market need and urgency for industry leadership in the definition of the next generation of Smart Objects and the IPSO Alliance is up to the challenge. No doubt, it is critical in this new era that we continue to drive towards openness and interoperability of Smart Objects, but also we need to drive towards a common understanding and method of identity and privacy.

The IPSO Alliance is updating its charter to include new generation Smart Object definitions that contain a number of additional attributes for example: Immutable Identity Model, Protocol Model, Physical Model, Data Model, Resource Model, Service Model and Autonomous Model. These attributes, combined together with references to industry standards, define the next generation IPSO Smart Object Framework.

The IPSO Alliance continues to a be focused special interest group (SIG) comprised of a diverse international membership of companies and non-profit organizations focused on IoT devices’ hardware and software interoperability based on open standards.

Our work on Smart Object definitions is not completed and will continue.

Our strategy is to embrace the promise of the Internet of Things, Intelligent Autonomous Machines, and the creation of a Data Marketplace. We desire to create a consensus-based Alliance very focused on Smart Object Model definition for the distribution and alignment with existing formal and relevant standards development organizations. We do not want to create a standalone definition or one-off standard, but rather our work effort is to create a unified open viewpoint for large scale adoption.

In addition, with our new charter, we have expanded our mission to build an industry recognized and adopted Trust Model for Smart Objects. This Trust Model starts with an immutable identity architecture that also delivers privacy adherence. Aligned with this theme, we want to create leadership conversations on the issues of identity and privacy of Smart Objects. But we are not going to address personal identity and privacy policies issues or create a Personal Trust Model.

IPSO embraces a consensus committee environment, with one vote per member and decisions made by a majority of votes. The Board of Directors approves all committees, including the Chair appointments. Committees produce a publication of recommendations for the BoD to decide on outcome of the publication.

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IPSO is a global, non-profit organization founded in 2008 with members from technology, communications and energy companies. The IPSO Alliance advocates for IP networked devices in energy, consumer, healthcare and industrial applications.