IoT Slam 2016 Second International Virtual Internet of Things Conference

IoT Slam 2016 Second International Virtual Internet of Things Conference

IPSO Alliance is proud to be a media sponsor of this year’s IoT Slam! The Second International IoT Slam 2016 virtual Internet of Things (IoT) conference commences April 28th 2016 – in the cloud. Presentations from IPSO members include:

The aim of the event is to accelerate the adoption of IoT, by bringing together practitioners and leading authorities; to share experiences and best-practices in developing, launching and operating IoT devices, networks and applications – and to discuss solutions to overcoming critical industry challenges. Core themes being covered include: Overcoming Privacy and Security challenges, Advancing the standards status-quo, Developing Interoperability & Integration strategies, Leveraging Cloud and Edge Computing for IoT, Big Data Analytics and visualization, Use-cases Vert ically aligned across Industry, Infrastructure Mobility and Microservices, New IoT Business models & Monetisation.

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