IPSO and CABA Collaborate on IoT Interoperability for the Connected Home and Intelligent Buildings

The IPSO Alliance has signed a reciprocal agreement to share information and collaborate with the Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA), a global nonprofit industry organization dedicated to the advancement of connected home and intelligent building technologies. CABA’s charter promotes open standards for connectivity in homes and buildings, which dovetails with IPSO’s goal to enable the interoperability of IoT devices’ hardware and software. The leadership of both groups agreed that increased collaboration would further their mutual objectives.

This agreement focuses on sharing information and working together on issues that matter to both organizations. Specifically, CABA and IPSO are now able to appoint liaisons who will coordinate activities between the groups, such as establishing joint forums for the discussion of synergistic plans. It also includes the exchange of membership privileges. CABA members can now participate in IPSO via an IPSO Alliance Contributor membership, and IPSO members can access CABA’s resources via a research/membership subscription.

CABA members gain the ability to collaborate with the various IPSO Alliance Working Groups on issues of mutual interest. Additionally, CABA may review and comment on IPSO materials of a policy, business or technical nature that are relevant to home and building automation. The two organizations can also work together on the development of materials and analyses related to connected homes and buildings.

Under this agreement, IPSO members have discounted access to the CABA Members Library, a repository of more than 600 research reports, case studies and white papers that are less than three years old. Additionally, IPSO members can provide input on CABA research and materials under development that pertain to issues of mutual interest.

“CABA is pleased to have entered into an agreement with an association that focuses on promoting Internet of Things interoperability,” states Ronald J. Zimmer, CABA President & CEO. “Our close working relationship will ensure that CABA continues to make inroads into the connected devices marketplace.”