Marcom Committee

The overall purpose of the Marcom Committee is to advise on major marketing, branding and communications strategy on behalf of Member Companies. The Committee serves with the guidance of the Marketing Director and the Chair to execute against marketing strategy as set by the IPSO Alliance Board of Directors.

The MAC is composed of marketing liaisons from each member company, plus interested board members, marketing and operations staff. Participation in the Marcom Committee is restricted to Alliance member companies; however, guests may be invited to present at meetings or serve as advisors. The Marketing Committee Chair must be an employee of a member company in good standing.

Deliverables of the Marcom Committee:

  • Promote Awareness: of the IPSO Alliance, its mission and role in enabling the IoT, and the benefits of using IP in the embedded internet and networks of smart objects. Promote the vision of “building a smarter world through the Internet of Things.”
  • Build Communication Channels: contribute and enhance current content on social media, web and market channels, produce/aggregate marketing material, track speaker opportunities for members, create and maintain a PR and Marketing Strategy. Review digital, print, and ad copy, as well as press releases and media communications.
  • Act as an “amplifier” for  IPSO member companies by providing a broader reach for their messaging via IPSO communications channels and promoting IoT and IP-relevant success stories. The Committee serves to ensure that messaging remains appropriately focused and relevant to the member and to external audiences.
  • Promote the IPSO CHALLENGE and other IPSO Alliance events.
  • Recruitment: Create new member prospect lists and drive focused recruitment activities with appropriate members and their representatives. Create communications around member incentives and talking points for recruiters.
  • Facilitator and “voice” for the IPSO Alliance on behalf of its member companies. To allow messaging and communications to remain fresh and relevant, with nimble response time yet enough oversight to keep messages on target with the Alliance mission.
  • The Marcom Committee is not a “catch-all” for granular or administrative Marcom details best handled by staff. Strategic direction questions will continue to be determined by the Board on behalf of the members and technical debate matters will be handled by the Technical Advisory Board (TAB).