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IPSO Alliance Resources

This area of the IPSO community provides information to people interested in specifying, building, testing, or just trying out Smart Object systems. Check back often, as we will be continually adding resources that are relevant to Smart Objects, such as work integrating Identity and Privacy aspects, and new reference architecture guidelines.

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Technical Advisory Board

The Technical Advisory Board (TAB) is chartered with defining the architecture of the desired IPSO Reference Framework. TAB committees contribute to the material IPSO publishes, provide technical oversight for documents coming out of IPSO, provide feedback to the board of directors on relationships of IPSO to other organizations, and provide ideas on efforts that the IPSO should initiate.

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Technical Archive

The IPSO Alliance offers this technical archive of white papers and other materials developed by IPSO Alliance committees and/or member companies that offer valuable information in support of our mission.

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Public IPSO Repository

The IPSO Smart Object Registry registry is intended for developers that are building products based on IPSO Objects, it is not intended to be used at runtime by applications. SSome of the objects are generic in nature, such as voltage, altitude or percentage, while others are more specialized like the color object or the gyrometer object. Actuators and controllers are also defined such as timer or buzzer and joystick and Llvel. All of these objects were found to be necessary on a variety of use case domains.

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