Semantic Working Group Charter and Organization


The initial goal of the Smart Objects work in IPSO was focused on developing the Starter and the Expansion Packs to allow developers to re-use object definitions throughout various applications running on Internet of Things devices but also on the server-side infrastructure. The Starter Pack contains 18 Smart Objects and the Expansion Pack has 16 common template sensors, 6 special template sensors, 5 actuators and 6 control switch types.

The group will focus on accomplishing interoperability across different information models developed by IPSO and other organizations. It will attempt to do so by developing and promoting a “meta” information model that represents key inherent properties and relationships of the physical entities that are being modeled.

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Key Tasks:

The group will perform this work in three mostly consecutive phases:

  1. Definition of architectural principles and design guidelines for constructing interoperable semantic data models
  2. Definition of meta-model for describing semantic properties for interoperability
  3. Mapping of meta-model to specific bindings, such as LWM2M (IPSO gen 1) and OIC


  • Co-chairs Michel Kohanim of Universal Devices and Milan Milenkovic of IoT Sense drive completion of current work items
  • The Semantic Working Group meets every other Wednesday at 8 am US PT. Details are on the Wiki.

Technical Guidelines to be approved by TAB and BoD before publication.

The Semantic WG meets every other Thursday 08:00 US Pacific/17:00 CET.

Additional information is available to members on the Wiki.