Smart Objects / Interoperability

The availability of Internet Protocol (IP) on constrained devices with memory sizes of 16 kilobytes or less, including IPV6 and 6LowPAN, has made possible a new kind of interoperability for connected devices and Smart Objects.

The IETF specified a set of standard protocols for IP-enabled networks in Constrained Resource Environments (CoRE), including the Constrained resource Application Protocol (CoAP) applicable to low power and low connection bandwidth devices. CoAP is an application protocol for machines and connected devices, as http is for web browsers, but designed specifically for machine interaction and operation over networks of constrained devices.

IPSO Smart Object Guidelines provide a common design pattern, an object model, that can effectively use the IETF CoAP protocol to provide high level interoperability between Smart Object devices and connected software applications on other devices and services.

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