Why Join IPSO?

The IPSO Alliance is positioned to play a major role in the evolution of IoT. Media and analysts are largely covering IT and networking, with an underlying assumption that the things (the devices, the smart objects) will follow suit. Our position is that there are more challenges in the evolution of IoT device design, architecture and manufacturing than there are in IT and networking. Many questions remain. About 10 years ago, the industry was asking if the Internet Protocol was the right networking technology to use. Today it is clear. IP is a must. The question now is, “How do we use it”? Another question we begin to hear frequently is, “What is the return on investment of the IoT”? What are the costs and revenue (or cost savings) that such technology can bring? Such questions will need solid answers before the IoT can really take off.

The real challenge for the IoT to materialize is not technologies. They exist. The challenge is for their combined costs and performance to reach the level needed to enable the deployment of the forecasted billions of IoT devices. This is where IPSO’s work is so important. By publishing guidelines and best practices, the IPSO Alliance contributes to reduce time to market for IoT devices and to increase the interoperability so fundamental to achieving the economy of scale and the desired profitability of savings.

Membership benefits include:

  • Influence the Marketplace: Address tough global competition by designing and promoting solutions to improve business process efficiency, reduce operating costs, optimize supply chain and inventory and comply with market regulations.
  • Define the Conversation: Network with established experts and learn how your products can connect with other devices and increase the consumer value delivered by machine-to-machine communications. Keep ahead of emerging trends; engage in friendly co-opetition and knowledge sharing around competitive products and systems in similar industries.
  • Shape the Future: Transform the way society works and communicates. Help create an open future where IP-based communications enable the Internet of Things. Improve the quality of life for individuals and communities through increased connectivity, sustainability, safety, security, and well-being.
  • Expand your Network: The IPSO Alliance is a diverse and collaborative forum, including many Fortune 500 high-tech companies as well as start-ups, each a leading player in their industry.  IPSO Alliance members are spread across different geo-locations, diversified across industry segments and span the value chain.
  • Grow your Business: Your participation in a community devoted to IP-based interoperability will make each company’s solutions more valuable and more able to participate in a seamless Web of mutually beneficial data exchanges.  The data made available and the connectivity deployed will also be a great spur for innovation in what can be done with this real time data or with connected devices.
  • Amplify your Message:  Benefit from greater market acceptance, faster growth and higher profits by leveraging existing standards with IPSO’s IP best-practices Reference Application Framework, through participation in IPSO’s Interop events and technology innovation challenges, and via the contributions of your fellow members and IPSO’s marketing initiatives.

Who Should Join?

  • Any company that is considering evolving products toward the “Internet of Things” or creating future-ready new products will benefit from joining.
  • IPSO encourages participation at a variety of levels suitable to both for-profit and non-profit institutions and extends both technical and marketing support to companies ranging from small start-ups to leading global enterprises.
  • Membership in the IPSO Alliance is for companies and institutions, and IPSO’s benefits extend to the individual participants for each company, enhancing their own personal network, brand development and leadership abilities in the market and within their company.

Your company must be a member to:

  • Participate in the definition of Smart Objects
  • Present at IPSO sponsored key industry events
  • Participate in interoperability test events
  • Use IPSO’s logo and marketing materials in support of your products
  • Leverage the IPSO brand and its alliances

(See Membership Benefits for full list of benefits)