How do you IPSO?

Over its 40+ year history, the Internet has become a inextricable part of our daily lives. Now the Internet explosion is moving from People to Things –The Internet of Things — predicted to become a $500 Billion global technology market by 2019. IPSO CHALLENGE contestants have already shown us ways to improve energy conservation in our homes, buildings and cities, to simplify and reduce costs in healthcare management, to monitor our drinking water, and much more.

The question from 20 years ago, “What is the Internet?”, has been replaced with: “What is the IoT?” – “Is it Secure?” – “How Do I Use It?”.  As we develop new smart applications to connect our lives and our world, we see an even greater need to set the guidelines and find ways to create a smarter, safer planet.

IPSO believes that all these THINGS should not just be Smart, but also compatible and interoperable with the Internet, safe and secure, and easier to develop and use. We believe that the use of the Internet Protocol (IP) can provide these and many other benefits.

Over the past 6 years, IPSO has been explaining why developers should use IP. Now we want to  show “HOW?”  the IoT is the practical, cost effective, secure solution to make lives, not just in high tech nations, but in every nation, better.

For 2015, we CHALLENGE the world to show us how to use IP in simple, creative, secure ways within the IoT. In other words:

“How do you IPSO?”