Dev Kit Information

For 2015, the IPSO Alliance has expanded the CHALLENGE to include the chance of being selected to receive a free development kit from our contest sponsors.  Each sponsor company has generously donated their technology to provide hardware and software for contestants to utilize in their designs for the next great idea in the Internet of Things. Quantities are limited so you are advised to submit your proposal early.

In order to be considered to receive one of the kits, you must complete the Challenge entry form and describe in detail how you will incorporate the technology and how it will enhance your entry.

Sponsors companies will review the requests and award their kits based on ingenuity of design and alignment with the technical specifications of kits on a first come, first served basis. Sponsors reserve the right to substitute technology that they believe would better enhance the proposed entry.

The deadline to request a dev kit has been extended until 16 June 2015. However, you may continue to refine the rest of your contest entry up until the final deadline of 15 July 2015.

Receipt of a dev kit is not a guarantee of placement in the semi-finalist round of competition.

You may select up to three development kits that interest you. NOTE: You will only receive one kit, not all three.

Click on the logos  below to learn more about the kits and our sponsors:

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