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Entry By: Michael Gielda, Peter Gielda and Joakim Eriksson
Affiliation: Antmicro AB

What would winning IPSO CHALLENGE 2015 mean for you or your company?

Being part of the IPSO Challenge this year is already an exciting opportunity for us. We see it primarily as an opportunity to learn, share, inspire and become inspired. Winning the CHALLENGE would be a wonderful recognition of our work and a booster to our market position within the IoT, by encouraging strong, determined partners to cooperate with us in developing the Internet of Things.

If selected as the Grand Prize winner, how do you think you will spend the $10,000 prize?

Antmicro firmly believes that working together and contributing to a common cause is what actually pushes the boundaries of innovation. Therefore, we would like to spend the Grand Prize on the development needed to open source some of the technologies that comprise our IPSO CHALLENGE prototype.

What would you like to see in the future for the Internet of Things?

We would like to see the Internet of Things backed by a globally acknowledged standard of technology in its broadest sense, that the notion of interoperability and openness is considered a natural consequence of the digital era and is nothing to be afraid of.

Why should more companies utilize IP?

If the industry is really to benefit from the Internet of Things, there has to be a common, robust and interoperable communication standard which can survive through decades of continuous development. Any company that is seeking to take on an active role in shaping the world of the IoT should open itself to partnership and cooperation by designing products that are based on flexible and widely recognized protocols – and IP is, well, simply the best answer to that.

Why did you decide to enter IPSO CHALLENGE 2015?

RWe have joined the CHALLENGE because we were inspired by the great people and partners we have had the pleasure of working with. We decided to show how IP-based technologies can be combined with other software frameworks to push the boundaries of what we have seen so far.

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