Smart Grow System 1.0

Smart Grow System 1.0

Entry By: Nick Ordahl and Landon Descamps
Affiliation: ODD Inc.

What would winning IPSO CHALLENGE 2015 mean for you or your company?

Winning the IPSO Challenge would mean many a things for ODD Inc. In many ways, it would help to confirm that there is a consumer desire or need for products like ours. Similarly it would mean validation of our efforts to make the internet universally more functional for its users.

If selected as the Grand Prize winner, how do you think you will spend the $10,000 prize?

If ODD Inc. is selected as the grand prize winner, we will give back to the Pikes Peak Makerspace who brought us together to begin with, reinvest the funds into product development and market research into the large scale commercial and industrial greenhouse sectors.

What would you like to see in the future for the Internet of Things?

We see a bright future for the internet, especially as it pertains to the IoT. What lies ahead is the progression and development of the IoT as yet another tool not too dissimilar from how the internet functions now – to facilitate the sharing of information and knowledge. The future adaptation of the IoT will be to systematically and autonomously gather information from the world around us and compile it into useful data, data which can be used to further our own understanding and use of science, nature and the world around us.

Why should more companies utilize IP?

More companies should use IP technology to help bolster efficiency in their respective processes, shorten the chain of communication for equipment failures and/or maintenance needs and allow for data trending of that information. Ultimately IP in the field can lead to fluidity on a global scale by allowing the sharing of cloud based data that has been gathered from similar processes.

Why did you decide to enter IPSO CHALLENGE 2015?

Nicolas Ordahl and Landon Descamps heard about the IPSO CHALLENGE via Pikes Peak Makerspace, of which they are both members. Upon hearing about the competition and realizing that they both had very similar ideas, the CHALLENGE seemed like the ultimate opportunity to explore the full functionality of what the IoT is and discover how beneficial the technology can become in all of our daily routines.

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