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” My entry in IPSO CHALLENGE gave good traction to my career (already received 2 offers) and got a lot of attention from the business sector

– Theofanis Lambrou, Semi-Finalist, 2014


“The synergy with the other participants is great, for example, the chance to meet people from MIT, Air Forces, etc. is just Wow”

– Antonio Jara, People’s Choice Award Winner, 2014 & 3rd Place Finalist, 2013

HOP Ubiquitous, S.L

“Being recognized by IPSO has meant a lot to our project and the internship program”

– Adam Renner, 3rd Place Finalist, 2014,

U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory

“The depth and breadth of the entries shine a spotlight on continuing advances in the IoT and M2M sectors”

– Nicholas Ashworth, Engineering & Technology Director, Eaton


“The whole event was a great opportunity; the networking opportunities were just amazing”

– Markus Jung, Semi-Finalist 2014 & 2013 Vienna University of Technology, Automation Systems Group

” A very beneficial and well run event, I will recommend it to others”

– Mariano Alvira, Grand Prize Winner, 2013

Redwire Consulting, LLC

“As a small company, this has been a unique opportunity to get international exposure for our smart objects”

– Colin O’Flynn, 2nd Prize Winner 2013

Colorado Microdevices

“This contest motivated and challenged us to move from an idea to a real, working prototype”

– Miguel Castro, 3rd Place Finalist, 2013

viBrain Solutions

“I can truly say I am impressed by the quality of the technical submissions and prototypes developed by the participants over the short period of time”

– Magnus Pedersen, Product Marketing Director, MCU Wireless, Atmel

CHALLENGE Judge/Mentor

“We have seen studies that indicate that in short few years, up to 50% of the Internet of Things solutions will originate in Startups that are less than 3 years old.

– Mike Dow, Professional Engineer, Freescale

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The purpose of the IPSO CHALLENGE is to show what is possible utilizing the Internet Protocol (IP) and open standards in building the Internet of Things (IoT). Enter this global competition by submitting a proposal for a working prototype that is innovative, marketable and easy to use. Contest winners receive monetary prizes, worldwide recognition and networking opportunities. Development hardware and software is available to qualified entries.

Semi-Finalists will receive Mentorship from Industry luminaries, travel awards and booth space to display their prototype at Designers of Things In Silicon Valley. Grand Prize $10,000 USD