Sigma Designs’ Z-Wave Development Kit

Z-Wave Controller Development Kit


Let’s make it!

The Z-Wave controller developers kit gives you the fastest and easiest way to develop feature rich Z-Wave controller applications. It contains both the Z/IP Gateway and Z-Ware offering as full source code releases, to use and/or modify your Z-Wave Controller.

Key Benefits

  • Faster time to market
  • Reduced development cost
  • SDKs contains full source code
  • One kit covers all Z-Wave regions
  • Access to Z-Wave technical website
  • Rapid IoT gateway development
  • Industry-standard TI BeagleBone™
  • License to use Z-Wave technology world-wide

Note: Recipients will be required to sign an NDA.
Learn more about the dev kit here

 Intelligence in the home

The Z-Wave for CE SDK contains a working IoT gateway prototype. Just connect power and download the Z/IP Gateway application on the supplied BeagleBone board that is all you need to do to bring all of your Z-Wave devices to the Internet of Things.

Along with the Z/IP gateway you get the Z-Ware C Library which converts your Z-Wave devices to easily manageable software objects for you to build your own IoT application on top off putting all the smart home intelligence in the home

Intelligence in the cloud

The Z-Wave for Portal SDK contains a Z-Wave Plus certified portal evaluation server running on Ubuntu Linux. The server is built on open source software such as Apache webserver and OpenLDAP that is combined with Z-Ware C Library and Z-Ware web API plugin to form a solid prototype for an IoT Smart Home Service.

The evaluation server utilizes the ZIPR low cost Z/IP Gateway reference design in the home and the Z-Ware intelligence in the cloud service.


Intelligence in the home

The SDK contains all the software building blocks needed to design a Smart Home solution. Taking the complexity of the Z-Wave protocol away and representing all the devices in the Z-Wave Network as software objects that you as a developer can use.

The Z/IP Gateway is included with a host build environment in Ubuntu Linux creating targets for the TI BeagleBone Black. The Z/IP Gateway connects to a UZB controller reference design as default but all of the 500 series modules and SoCs can be used with the Z-Wave for CE SDK and SerialAPI binaries are included in the kit.

The Z-Ware C library is offered with an easy-to-understand C API for you as a developer to design an application utilizing.

Hardware for the CE SDK

  • 3x UZB USB Stick Bridge Controller
    • 1x E HW – contains EU protocol
    • 1x U HW – contains US protocol
    • 1x H HW – contains JP protocol
  • 1x TI BeagleBone™ Black