Micrium Embedded Software

Micrium IoT-Software-Stack smallerTake your design from device to the cloud

IoT-ready devices require a solid software infrastructure, including a real-time kernel plus additional services like TCP/IP and Wi-Fi, as well as cloud services and the ability to put it all together.


Micrium® Spectrum™ is a pre-integrated end-to-end portfolio of embedded software, protocol stacks, cloud services designed to facilitate development of Internet of Things (IoT) from device to the cloud.


  • Provides the necessary components allowing you to quickly bring connectivity to your embedded system
  • Silicon vendor agnostic, allows design of proprietary and differentiated solutions
  • Facilitates the design of reliable, high-performance solutions available with a variety of licensing options

What’s Included in the Dev Kit Version

      • Real-Time Operating System: µC/OS-II® or µC/OS-III®
      • Local networking: Ethernet, Wi-Fi
      • USB Host with HID, CDC and MSC
      • USB device with HID, CDC, MSC, PHDC and vendor specific
      • FAT File System
      • IoT protocols: http client and server with REST API, MQTT
      • µC/Probe Pro license (1-year)
      • Cloud computing: Web services such as cloud-server interfaces, data brokering and cloud storage, using 2lemetry
      • 2lemetry acts as a “bridge” between thousands of low data-rate embedded devices and your custom cloud application or traditional enterprise applications
      • Upon request, Micrium will include the SSL/TLS protocol stack as a binary library for selected recipients
        • Note the processor used and its associated tool chain will need to be specified to receive this option
      • Micrium partner Clarinox is offering Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Smart and WiFi as a binary library to selected participants [Note: a separate NDA will need to be signed with Clarinox]

    How to Qualify

    In order to be considered to receive one of the kits, you must complete the entry form and describe in detail how you will incorporate the technology and how it will enhance your entry. Entries will be reviewed and selected applicants will be contacted with information on how to download relevant components. Complete information is available here .

    Note: Recipients will be required to sign an NDA as all code is provided in source form.

    For More Information

          • Learn more about Micrium Spectrum
          • Documentation about our embedded software components is available at doc.micrium.com
          • Example projects for multiple processors and with many embedded software components are available on our download center